Words of wisdom from Ron Swanson.

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Anonymous said: Why is it so hard for you to get cultural appropriation. Why.



Choosing not to brush my hair is not disrespectful to anybody’s culture in any way. Why can’t you see we’re all earthlings?


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*drunk in love playing in the background*

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You need Jesus.
Said when ones actions are so ridiculous that only divine intervention can set them straight. (via blackproverbs)
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you’re welcome..

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For those of you who don’t know, I’m a thick woman. I got booty. And hips. And thighs. And tummy. And soft skin. And stretch marks. All of that.

Though I speak frequently of my weight loss / fitness journey, I still ALWAYS aspire to a thick girl.

I love my curves. I love feeling womanly. I love the way a dress rides up my backside. I love the way my jeans have to stretchhhhhhhhhh to fit my thighs. I love the way my man’s hands are plastered to my phatty. I love it.

It has taken me some time to get used to all of this. I still look around and feel sad sometimes because I’m “supposed” to be skinnier. But, this is who I am. And while I am changing to become a better me, how I look right now is a gift.

Thick thighs save lives. Act like you know.

Dats me.

Look at my boyfriend, trying to baller block! 

you are so freaking cute like??? wtf

This entire set caught me off guard.

Like, whoa.

ur so pretty love the outfit

that booty tho


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The world stands with Palestine.

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